The power of tilt trucks

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Rubbermaid means quality.  Didn’t finish your lasagna?  What do you do?  Put it in your trusty Rubbermaid tupperware.  Forgot about that lasagna in the back of your fridge for two weeks?  Who you gonna call?  Not Ghostbusters!  Rubbermaid has you covered with versatile garbage bins.

What do you do if you need to transport lots of supplies across a factory?  How do you dump dozens of garbage bins full of trash without having to take a dozen trips?  These and other problems can be solved with tilt trucks.  Tilt trucks?  You heard right.  The solution to your logistics problems comes in a tool that can allocate your many processes into a collective easier step.

Say you have to throw out the garbage out of a five floor office building.  Are you going to go to a cubicle, take the trash out, run to the dumpster?  Then lather rinse and repeat for all the hundreds of cubicles in that building?

Manage your time by cutting out the “running to the dumpster” step and throw all the hundreds of bags into a heavy duty tilt truck that has a leaver lock and a easy release.  You’ll cut down a 10 hour job down to a fraction of the time.  Tilt trucks are effective at transporting small loads and dumping everything out at once.  If your future includes Rubbermaid tilt trucks then you can say goodbye to your logistics headaches.


Staten Island Scaffolding Dance

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The scaffolding goes up? Then scaffolding goes down.  Sounds like a really long game of the hokey pokey.  Well this is the case for Borough Hall over in Staten Island.  The $1.3 million repair job was has taken over two years.  The scaffolding has been up for 30 months.  Once the new scaffolding is up it will take only three months to finish.

By the numbers the current scaffolding costs $4,329 per month and has cost the city over $129,000 as of today.

The new scaffolding by a new repair company will cost $200,000 from the entire project’s cost.

The system seems to make every slow down.  The red tape and paper work is detrimental to the project’s completion.  The full restoration of Borough Hall is expected to be end of December.

Hammer mills advancements for your productivity

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Prater Sterling has made advancements in hammer mill machinery and is passing the benefits onto the customers.  The Evolution Hammermill is a breakthrough in the cost effective size breakdown of all your industry.

There are many advantages in this breakthrough in hammermill technology.

This revolutionary advancement will allow for your fuel, food, or fiber grinding efficiency skyrocket with a reduction of 15 to 20 percent in horsepower.  Rotation is reversible so wear can be allocated in both directions.  The Evolution Hammermill has a technology called Rota Break to double the capacity of the grinding chamber.  Lastly, the hammermill pregrinds before the screen contact.

If the benefits of these particle reduction machines are what your company is looking for then give Prater Sterling a toll free call at (877) 203 3540.

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Swimming pool noodle

Swimming pool noodle? When I was a kid I did summer camps all summer long.  We would play outside and swim during the afternoon.  There were a bunch of beach balls and other toys but my favorite was the swimming noodle.  You know that long floating Styrofoam tube that had a hole in the middle just like a 6 foot long straight piece of macaroni.  You could fill the noodle with water then blow out one side to make a water canon.  If I had a water suction hose and breath like Superman I would have been a swimming pool bazooka.

Water suction hose

Too bad I couldn’t use one of these heavy duty water suction hoses as a child.  These hoses are flexible and lightweight.  The applications are nearly universal.  Whether you are in the agriculture, transportation, or industrial these suction hoses will make your processes easier.


Optimize your logistics with tilt trucks

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Ever had a load at work that you just couldn’t get out?  Wish the tilt trucks at your business would would just release their loads easier without a battle?  Well Rubbermaid has your solution!

The Rubbermaid tilt trucks come in different volumes, capacities, and diameters.  Each tilt trucks has been engineered to make the unloading process easy on your back.

-Tilts thirty degrees beyond horizontal

-Pull release safety latch to prevent premature dumping

-Durable plastic body on a heavy duty metal frame

-Proactively prevents rusting and denting of the metal hoppers

Your business can’t afford to make like harder with inferior tools.  Make life easier and increase productivity with your very own Rubbermaid self dumping hopper.  If tilt trucks make your business go round, make it go around easier with the right equipment.


Cyberbond: The Power of Adhesive Information

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Cyberbond is one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty adhesives.  They began operations in 1997 and have been constantly growing to exceed the demands of customers everywhere.  Since opening business they have expanded with satellite locations across the United States, Europe, and Asia.  The industrial adhesives produced right here in the good old United States are your trusted industrial adhesive to make all your products work.  Whether the application is for airplanes, cars, cell phones, or speakers we understand that it just has work.  These superior adhesives are improving year by year to exceed government regulations and temperature standards.  For you manufacturing and industrial adhesive needs don’t settle.  Get the power of adhesive information with Cyberbond adhesives.

Used Heat Exchangers

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When searching for used heat exchangers, a business is going to have many different items to choose from. Some common used heat exchangers include the following:

* Air Heat Exchanger

* Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

* Block Type Heat Exchanger

* Plate Heat Exchanger

* Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

* Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

* U-Tube Heat Exchanger

* Fin Fan Heat Exchanger

* Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger


  • APV
  • Crepaco
  • ITT
  • Alfa Laval
  • Fabsco
  • Carborundum
  • Thermaline
  • Tranter
  • American Heat
  • Reclaiming
  • Armstrong
  • Cherry Burrell
  • Chester Jensen
  • Mueller
  • Patterson Kelly
  • Braun
  • South West Engineering
  • Hebler Corp.
  • JD Cousins
  • Ametek
  • Bell & Gosset
  • Western Supply
  • Pfaudler
  • C.E. Howard
  • Artisan
  • Doyle & Roth
  • American Standard
  • Berkeley Steel
  • Whitlock
  • Pyrex
  • Corning
  • Ceramic Coating Company
  • Rossi Catelli



What those Plastic Recycling Codes Mean

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Recycling plastic is not as cut and dry as the recycling of paper and cardboard items such as cereal boxes, newspapers and magazines. Plastic recycling is a little bit different, that’s why plastic items have a Plastic Identification Code (PIC). This number and letter identifying code is used to indicate whether or not the plastic can be recycled into new products. There are seven groups of polymers that make up the PIC.

1 – PET (Polyethylene terephthalate): These are typically items such as water and soft drink bottles.
2 – PE-HD (High-density polyethylene): Think of the material that a hula-hoop ring is made up of and you have this group.
3 – PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): This one explains itself, it’s PVC piping.
4 – PE-LD (Low-density polyethylene): Squeezable mustard and ketchup bottles is this sort of plastic.
5 – PP (Polypropylene): You’re bound to find disposable cups/plates, yogurt containers and disposable containers made up of this plastic.
6 – PS (Polystyrene): If you’ve handled packing peanuts, disposable cutlery or egg cartons, you’ve seen this plastic.
7 – Other: Fairly self explanatory.  Can often times include electronics casings.

Whether or not you will be able to recycle the plastic that you may be holding in your hand is up to your town and their recycling services. Different towns may have different plastic recycling equipment at their disposal.  Consult with your recycling facility to determine which PIC they accept.

MTE-1100 Glue Style Tray Erector at the Pack Expo 2010 Show

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Glue Style Tray Erector

Glue Style Tray Erector

The MTE-1100 Series is an inline high speed tray erecting system that automatically forms, seals with hot melt glue, and discharges trays at speeds up to 40 trays per minute. This system is ruggedly built and compact in size with simple tool-less adjustments between tray sizes.

The MTE-1100 is used in a variety of industries and can be easily integrated with other packaging equipment. All machinery is designed for high durability and around-the-clock operation. These tray erectors will be “built-to-stock” and ready to ship, in most cases, within five working days of order.

The Masters Series tray, case and box erectors are available in addition to ARPAC’s wrap-around tray/case packers and end-load tray packers. These tray erectors will be on display at this year’s Pack Expo show at McCormack Place in Chicago, Booth # S-400.

New XLR8 Servo-Driven Side Seal Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

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ARPAC, a leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping machinery and packaging equipment, introduced XLR8 Servo-Driven Side Seal Horizontal Shrink Wrapper.

The XLR8 shrink wrapper is one of the most versatile, servo-driven packaging equipment and machines on the market today.
It is capable of wrapping up to 100 packages per minute in clear or print registered film.

Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

This continuous motion XLR8 film folding system eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film former. Unlike conventional film inverters, the XLR8 film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration, making it deal for multipacks and irregular shaped products. The XLR8’s unique film forming and feed method will use up to 2” less film than similar competitive machines. In addition, the single wound film requirement increases the film capacity by more than 100% thus improving productivity and reducing downtime caused by film change.
Multi-axis servo-driven operation offers precise electronic control for immediate and accurate sealing action, ensuring strong, consistent seals. The seal opening height is electronically programmed to vary with product height, maximizing output speeds for smaller products. The servo pouch length adjustment enables “on the fly” bag length changes without changing the flight spacing. All adjustments are made from the operator side of the machine and product changeovers can be completed quickly and easily.

* Heavy-duty rugged construction for high durability and around-the-clock operation.
* Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision and strength.
* Powder coat finish that provides a durable, scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion.
* Horizontal cross seal.
* Allen Bradley PanelView 600Plus operator interface with color touchscreen, message display and self diagnostics.
* Digital counters and scaled for easy and repeatable product setup.
* Guards electrically interlocked.
* 6’ flighted infeed with safety torque limiter.
* Adjustable film forming head.
* Servo-driven seal carriage for smooth product transitions.
* Servo-driven seal head for consistent pressure and heat.
* Servo-driven infeed conveyor.
* 8” seal bar opening.
* Slide-out side loading film cradle.
* Missing product detection.
* NEMA 12 main electrical cabinet and controls.
* Evenly wound trim removal system compacts film trim for easy disposal.
* Relaxed film tension at cross seal.
* Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance of your stretch wrapper.
* Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary.

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