Waldmann Lighting Introduces a Revolutionary New LED Lighting System

January 28, 2009 at 4:39 pm | Posted in Industry & Manufacturing, Lighting | 1 Comment

The all-new Waldmann FLAT LED, is an LED area light less than one inch thick, maintenance-free, waterproof (IP69K) and designed to withstand the toughest enviornment.

With the FLAT LED flood light, Waldmann Lighting once again demonstrates the power of innovation. The FLAT LED combines the strengths of LED technology with new optics designed and produced by Waldmann. The result is a flood luminaire with minimal height, maximum luminous power and intelligent PLUG + LIGHT electronics, which allows direct connection to 24-volt AC or DC power systems. Ideal for industrial lighting applications.

The impressively flat design is the result of innovative Waldmann optics technology. It produces a beam angle of 60 degrees, which insures large-scale, uniform illumination from an LED source.

Highlights of the new product include:

    Industrial Lighting - Flat LED

    Industrial Lighting - Flat LED

  • FLAT LED – maximum light with minimum height – perfect industrial lighting for machines with small installation space.
  • Intelligent PLUG + LIGHT electronics, which allows direct connection to 24-volt direct or alternating current.
  • PLUG – fast installation, thanks to integrated LED operating device.
  • LIGHT – safe operation without stroboscopic effect and minimal heat build-up.
  • High-performance LEDs with a service life of 50,000 hours.
  • Available in FLAT LED mounted / integrated version.
  • Absolutely waterproof  – system of protection IP 69K – perfect for architectural lighting.

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  1. Cool!

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