Bucket Trucks Guidelines

February 9, 2009 at 3:22 pm | Posted in Trucks | 10 Comments
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Here are some guidelines for using bucket trucks, from http://www.buckettrucks.org.

  • The truck should be used to elevate employees to any job site located above ground.
  • The bucket truck can be constructed of wood, fiberglass, metal, or reinforced plastic.
  • Bucket trucks may be modified for use other than the intended use but only if approval to the modification is received in writing by the manufacturer or equal authority.
  • For bucket trucks to be used near electrical power lines, strict requirements must be followed, which includes keeping to a specific distance, de-energizing procedures, only qualified employees using the truck, grounding any overhead lines, and so on.
  • The brakes must be set
  • Bucket Truck

    Bucket Truck

  • Bucket trucks should never be driven while employees are still in the bucket
  • Controls must be clearly and visibly marked and defined by function
  • Controls should be tested every day prior to the bucket truck being used
  • Load and distribution should always be checked to make sure they fall within the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Any employee operating the bucket truck must wear appropriate protective gear at all times to include safety goggles, safety boots, a hard hat, gloves, etc. to protect from falling objects
  • The employee must keep his feel planted firmly on the floor of the bucket at all times
  • The lower controls should not be operated without the permission of the employee in the bucket expect in the case of an emergency

The same guidelines apply for crane trucks as well, so make sure you’re familiar with the OSHA standard guidelines, and remember, safety first!



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  1. I have seen too many workers injured and even killed working with unsafe construction equipment. It seems to be all about the bottom dollar to most manufacturers which is why you have to be very careful when purchasing new machinery.

  2. Thanks for posting this blog. Really helpful. This is quite expensive though. Better to buy used bucket trucks.

  3. Yeah dude you are right, many many workers get injured in accidents with heavy machinery and equipment. By the way nice post. very helpful info.

  4. That is a very nice looking truck!

  5. RAVAS USA, The Mobile Scale Company, introduces iForks, the first completely wireless scale forks for forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. Since all components are fully integrated in the forks, the iForks have no external cabling whatsoever and the weighing system can be installed onto any forklift truck in a matter of minutes: plug & weigh! From that moment on, every load lifted by the truck is instantly and accurately weighed.

  6. Bucket trucks should never be driven while employees are still in the bucket.

  7. It is great that people are thinking about the environment and working to make the world a safer place. Not only the materials that you are using on your home are safe for the environment but dump trucks have come a long way since the earlier models. We are learning and expanding and coming up with a wide range of safer more effective vehicles for the work force. I think it is great that many auto manufacturers are turning to hybrid vehicles to protect the environment and now they are even using hybrid dump trucks.

  8. Controls should be tested every day prior to the bucket truck being used

  9. Having this equipment will surely make your job easy. But you have to use it with proper training just like the items you have listed. It will be great to practice also on used bucket trucks. In this way you are assured of your safety.

  10. This is a good article. I always like to see articles about bucket truck saftey. It is definetly a big issue. Any accident involving a bucket truck can easily turn fatal!

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