BPMP Print Registered Shrink Bundler

January 12, 2010 at 10:40 pm | Posted in Industrial, Industry & Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Packaging | 2 Comments
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ARPAC’s BPMP-5000 stretch wrap machines create perfect shrink wrapped trays and unsupported multipacks for the beverage and bottled water industry. Using single roll print registered polyethylene film, the BPMP-5000 ensures accurate placement of graphics on each package for a great looking product, ideal for retail environments.

This versatile system handles multiple product sizes and package configurations, on demand, at speeds up to 70 packages per minute. An integrated hot plate shrink tunnel creates an attractive finished product with minimal graphic distortion.

Stretch Wrapper

Stretch Wrap Machines

The BPMP-5000 stretch wrapper offers quick and easy product and film changeovers in less than 30 minutes, and a user-friendly operator interface. The BPMP-5000 is ideal to meet the demands of the high-volume food and beverage industry.

Print registered film provides an attractive forum to billboard your brand on store shelves and merchandise your product at the fraction of the cost of paperboard packaging. These multipacks and tray packs also reduce material disposal, and offer shelf-ready shipping capabilities and are easy to handle by consumers.

Gentle product handling makes this packaging equipment machine ideal for cans, tall plastic bottles, glass jars, cartons and other unstable products.



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  1. A great example of an accurate packaging giant. This post describes the packaging machines well and is well informative about the machine that it talks about.

  2. If anyone is in need of such a large piece of packaging equipment similar to this one, be sure to hire a professional moving company to handle the transport of it.

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